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I have been a brand professional for over 12 years now, and currently work as Director – Brand Marketing at Urban Ladder. I also mentor a few interesting startups at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Bangalore, and continue to be in a relationship with traditional media – as part of which I contribute to the  restaurants (reviews) column in Bangalore Mirror.

I have been blogging for over a decade now, have handled start up  and technology columns, and enjoy being an early adopter of technologies. This era is witnessing a realignment of how we work and live, and the intersection of strategy, marketing and technology is where I plan to make a living.

With over a decade of experience in brand management across various verticals, and writing about almost a hundred start-ups in my column, I am bound to have perspectives on brands, social platforms, media, start-ups, advertising, communication & the evolution of the web and its relationship with the enterprise. Do join the conversation on my blog.


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