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Manu is a carbon based life form, quite similar to you. He claims to have a much tinier carbon footprint, but then his consumption is usually his own words, and he does recycle his plastic smile. He lives in Bangalore, one of India’s few centrally air conditioned cities.

Though he preferred his own schools of thought, he was educated and managed to civilly complete his engineering studies, before being institutionalised for his post graduation. Thanks to the sandy beaches of Goa, he retained his high spirits, but his memories of that era remain grainy.

His belief in the philosophy of web 2.0 inspired a user generated (arranged by bride and groom) marriage. They are content now, or so he likes to believe. His spirituality has rubbed off on his wife too, because after several years with him, she too has become spiritual and started questioning the existence of God. Manu has had a few attempts on his life, when his wife tricked him into being in the house when she did pest control, but he survived and continues to bug her. (she occasionally appears on the blog as D)

The original ‘manuscrypts’ blog has been an integral part of him for over a decade now. Much like its owner, the blog is also a Bollywood fan – what better proof than its reincarnations on various platforms (Blogger, after its original appearance at Rediffblogs! Now,  this critically unclaimed self hosted blog works on WordPress and occasionally wordplay too.  It resides in the  ‘Life‘ section of the larger blog, and is a direct descendant of the original ‘manuscrypts’ that began in 2003. From books to philosophy to restaurant reviews to travel tales, the content is just another life journey. No hype, just type.


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