Brand & Social Web professional, Start-up Mentor, Columnist, WordPress blogger, Wordplay addict, and the REST (ReadEat, SeekTravel) is his story.

After a degree in civil engineering and then an MBA, I boldly stepped off the beaten path, and refused to write a book. Instead, I sold Dishnet broadband internet in the dial up era, marketed WorldSpace satellite radio in the FM era, and then managed newspaper brands at MidDay and The Times Group in the internet era before taking a break in 2010. Meanwhile, in another universe, a blog was created in 2003. The force was strong with this one, and despite being critically or popularly unclaimed, it not only refused to die, but kept adding categories until it covered everything from food to fiction to facebook page management!

Back in the real world, I returned to a cubicle in 2013, as Head – Social Media at  Myntra, looking to align business objectives & strategy with social platforms. After a 2 year stint at Myntra, my assignments were at Group M and Urban Ladder. I also mentor a few interesting startups at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, and continue my relationship with traditional media thanks to a restaurant review column. My other sins include F1, Hindu Mythology, Calvin & Hobbes, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and bragging about Bangalore’s central air conditioning.

If, despite all this, you still wish to get in touch with me, do socialise, using the buttons on the Balance page, or, if you prefer a more button downed, formal approach, the Contact page.